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How to prevent infectious diseases essay

how to prevent infectious diseases essay

the mosquitoes that carry them hitch a ride in boats dayton summer thesis or expand their range northward from Central America. Drink only bottled drinkssuch as soft drinks or bottled waterthat have secure caps. Surveillance is important to form effective measures for reducing the number of infections. In the past decade prion diseases have become more prominent in civilian life like mad cow disease in cattle, kuru in humans, and scrapie in sheep (Arajo, 2013). Alrajhi (2004 the mode of transmission of HIV-1 was being studied. Although the bacterium causes numerous human diseases, the most often associated with serious consequences are meningitis and meningococcemia (severe sepsis). Today, antimicrobial agents are being used to treat infectious disease.

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how to prevent infectious diseases essay

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Talk about agents of bioterrorism. For example, in Latin America, there is evidence through PCR diagnostic tests that. Infectious diseases can weaken the strength of a nations resources. Talk about hospital-acquired infections and universal precautions. Injury can be a physical damage to the brain or the closed head injuries like the stroke, ischemia, and sudden blow, introduce myself essay in arabic overdose of various drugs or the neurotoxins. Infections are caused by microscopic organisms known as pathogensbacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasitesthat enter the body, multiply, and interfere with normal functions.