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Iona college honors thesis handbook

iona college honors thesis handbook

and submitting the completed form to the Office of the Academic Dean. A fervor to grasp what is happening and what passes. The Iona College Honors Program mission statement is to develop intellectual curiosity. Students wishing to change their degree program or their school must make arrangements through their academic adviser. Appeal of Assigned Grade Students who believe that an error has been made in the assignment of a grade should discuss with the instructor the basis upon which the grade was determined. Selection Process, the deadline for submission of application is the second Monday in August or the second Monday in January. All final examinations must take place during that period according to the schedule prepared by the registrar. Signifies that some requirement of a course, other than the final examination, has not been satisfied by the end of the term. In recognition of the importance of an international perspective, students in the Honors Degree Program are encouraged to study abroad. Refer to "Registration" section of this bulletin for details. The Writing Workshop (ENG 109) is a one-credit course in sentence skills that is required of a selected whitman diversity essay group of freshmen during the semester when these students are enrolled in ENG 120.

Appeals of decision of the Committee may be made to the appropriate dean. Students pursuing two majors must complete all requirements of both majors. CAP services include: summer college transition program, supplementary academic advising, program planning, two hours per week of scheduled individual tutoring with a professional learning specialist, small group tutoring and workshops, testing accommodations, alternative testing procedures, special equipment, and personal and career counseling services. All application materials should be submitted to the director of the Iona College Honors Program by the required deadlines (second Monday in January or second Monday in August). The staff practices an open-door policy and invites students to stop by the office. According to their interests and abilities, students might hold membership in one or more of the following societies: Alpha Kappa Delta (International Honor Society in Sociology) Alpha Mu Gamma (National University Foreign Language Honor Society) Alpha Sigma Lambda (National Honor Society for Continuing Education) Beta. Suspended students must present evidence of their ability to continue their studies successfully when applying for such reinstatement in the form of a letter of appeal accompanying a completed application for readmission. All students must officially declare a major in the School and Department of interest to them before the second semester of the sophomore year, by arranging to meet with major Department Chair or Advisor. Student representatives serve along with faculty members and administrators on the Honors Council, the policy-making body of the Honors Program. Students' academic records are reviewed before they are accepted into the new degree essay review of music of a concert program or school. The course will be credited only once toward the total credits earned.

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