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Bullying and harassment in the workplace essay

bullying and harassment in the workplace essay

Make Workplace Intolerable, author Marlene Habib provides the reader with a master's thesis or dissertation uk detailed look into the problem of workplace bullying. Bullying in nursing 1093 words - 5 pages hierarchal violence and are commonly seen when the superior attempts to control or bully the nurse using their superiority, often leaving the nurse feeling defenseless due to an imbalance in power and control (Broome Williams-Evans, 2011). How we are governed. The not for profit organisation showed a less business-like approach, seeing the fact that their volunteers were seeking to assist others and giving their time freely as a contraindication of the likelihood of bullying being a possibility. Olsen suggests several reasons why employers are slow to deal with claims of bullying. Cancer Research UK The kind of people who volunteer to work in an organisation are unlikely to be the type who would then make someone else unhappy, surely. Accessed at:. It is possible therefore that incidents of bullying are more numerous in both organisations than they realise and this would limit the degree of action they could take to control the occurrence.

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Outsourcing costs for keeping an eye on the employees. Bullying is defined in various ways included the emotional, verbal and definition of wisdom essay physical types of abuse. As I said, all our manager undergo regular awareness sessions on issues including bullying. In my opinion, the policies document is very important to both parties, the organisation and the bullied workers. However, it was at this stage of the research that first mention was made of the difference between employees and volunteers and the Cancer Research representative was clear on the fact that they were under no obligation to utilise a disciplinary process. Retrieved from p?vref1 Reference Copied to Clipboard. Victims are often told to suck it up, as if the abuse is somehow their fault (Habib, 2011). Bullying in the workplace is detrimental to the health of an organization.