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Fast food should be banned essay

fast food should be banned essay

sitting there to make sure they have enough to drink for the whole movie, Russell Levinson, the general manager of Movieworld, mused this week. For example, a can of Coke contains about eight teaspoons of sugar and artificial sweeteners. One may pose the question of why Americans are getting bigger at such as fast rate. Unfortunately, in Russia the law does not prohibit the use of GM products. Most schools sell junk food to students and I think this is wrong. Schools and sodas should be banned is because they facilitate health conditions such as obesity, which is a predisposing factor to heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. Should junk food be allowed at school?

An August 2012 study from Pediatrics made a startling discovery after following a group of school -aged children: kids who went to a school without junk food regulations maintained about a 37 percent overweight rate from fifth to eighth grade without budging. Course: English; Grade: Grade 5; Section: Writing; Outcome: Writing a Persuasive Text: Junk Food At School Should Be Banned ; Activity Type: Printable; Activity ID: 17542.

So, fast food is a great time-saver. But here we are listing out five reasons as to why fast food should be banned. NYC Soda Ban Changes Seen At Restaurants, Coffee, Shops As Restrictions Begin Tuesday. Nowadays people are getting more and more concerned about the food they eat as it is closely connected with the way they look and feel. Therefore, junk food should be banned for the following reasons : junk food leads to many weights and health related problems, makes people addiction and trigger mental disorders. However, many experts say that it is not completely healthy. Alcohol and cigarettes are also unhealthy. By consuming junk food once a week or more, they can addict. For kids is expected to reach 42".