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Forest ecosystem essay in tamil

forest ecosystem essay in tamil

This place in northeast India is known for its lush greenery. Introduction A forest, also referred to as a wood or the woods, is an area with a high density of trees. This is because these forests receive most of their downpour from the fog or mist that comes from the lowlands.

Bigger ecosystems can manage better the variations and harmful changes that it might receive due to the vast biodiversity and systematic stability. Its non-wood products include essential oils, medicinal herbs, resins, flavours, fragrances and aroma chemicals, gums, latex, handicrafts, incense sticks and thatching materials. The increase in the demand of various commodities derived from the trees that grow in different forests and the need to accommodate the growing population are among the major reasons for deforestation. Forest ecosystems are one of the most diverse and generally life-sustaining kind of ecology. Forests are an essential part of the environment.

It is known to be devoid of enough sunlight. Forests keep the temperature cool. Emergent Layer, this layer, that forms a part of the tropical rain forest, is composed of scattered tree branches and leaves that layer up above the canopy. Forests are an essential part of the Earths ecological system. Numerous species of animals, birds and fishes breed here. These can be found in different parts of the world including Europe, North America, New Zealand, Asia and Australia. Forest, ecosystem, submitted by: Submitted to: Forest Ecosystem, table of Contents (Outline. Forests also consist of mosses, fungi and algae. Deciduous Forests, these forests are mainly home for trees that lose their leaves each year.

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forest ecosystem essay in tamil

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