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Effect of cinema on youth essay

effect of cinema on youth essay

no real sense in which television sells violence as desirable behaviour for the audience other than as entertainment. Young adults, much like the citizens of the distopian society in Fahrenheit 451, are dependent on the media for guidance and are almost unable to function without. Reflection writing prompt drexel university essay of Art and Culture of Different Parts of the World Different movies have varied plots that are set around varied cultures and people belonging to different places across the globe. Here is a look at the advantages as well as disadvantages of cinema: Advantages of Cinema Here is a look at the advantages offered by the cinema: Social Advantages Among the teens the trend of watching movies is followed as a passion. This includes such technologies movies, TV shows, video games, and news outlets. Thus, we can conclude that cinema has a great influence on the lives of the people and society.

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Children do not turn into a crazed maniac after playing a computer game or seeing a movie with violence. There are so many other productive and interesting things to do in life other than unnecessarily wasting hours on useless movies. Positive Impact of Cinema on the Society. Not only the actions and body language but their level of command on the language is also influenced by the cinema. In this essay I will assess whether violence on television causes violence in society. You can always discuss about the content you have watched while sitting in a group or at parties. The involvement in movies up to certain extent is alright but undue craze for cinema and wasting money for overhyped movies is not preferable. Improvises Thinking Capacity Success stories and biographies can inspire people to not give up in life. Humans have this tendency of adopting the way of talking, walking and behaving of the person they are with for a long time. Children can have problems in their homes; where they are not getting enough attention or supervision.

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