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Character analysis essay for the outsiders

character analysis essay for the outsiders

town. When she says yes, he tells her that he can see it on the East Side, too. Summary, ponyboy gets back to his house at almost six-thirty, late for supper. I am a menace to society. Although they both played football together in high school, Paul is in college and Darry is working, unable to afford school; the vicissitudes of life have separated them. He is very heroic. The Outsiders was seen as a story about teenage violence, rather than a story about the characters and how they dealt with such violence.

These criticisms tended to be based on simplistic analyses of books content, so that. This" shows how Johnny appears in the eyes of his gang members, but Johnny was essay about of modernization effect in globalization not like this from the time he was born. Paul Holden steps forward from the Soc side; he is one of Darry's ex-friends from high school, and now he looks at Darry with a mixture of contempt, pity, and hate. By dying, Johnny is fulfilling the prophecy of the poem that "Nothing gold can stay." But he hopes for Ponyboy to fulfill his own potential and not wind up like him. The cop offers to escort them the rest of the way to the hospital. Vanquish the dreaded blank sheet of paper. He can hardly eat because he doesn't feel well, and he sneaks some aspirins when his brothers aren't looking. Throughout the story, Johnny does great acts of courage thus altering his personality.