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Lynda shaffer southernization thesis

lynda shaffer southernization thesis

making Southern China thrive because Northern China was dependent on Southern Chinas crops. What was the impact of Italian merchants and the Hanseatic League on the growth of trade and banking? Using the first three pages of your Middle Ages classwork document packet, choose four documents, at least one from each page. You may work off of the chart itself; you do not need to access the links within the chart for this assignment unless you find that you would benefit from more review.

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Southernization by, lynda, shaffer

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Review the Socratic seminar format (posted to the right under Course Documents). Champa rice A type of rice that was water resistant making it adapt to several environments easily and expand its overall market as it was now being grown everywhere in China. Eurasian Silk Roads Eurasian Silk Roads #2 Eurasian Silk Trans-Saharan Gold Roads Eurasian Silk Road - #3 Indian Ocean Trade Route India Ocean Trade - Click on Maps! Southern Ocean, a Chinese term referring to all of the waters from the South China Sea to the Eastern Coast of Africa. Iron hardware, such as needles, scissors, and cooking pots.

Liberal commentators had said that "Southernism" had gained prominence under the George. Trade Routes Webquest Using the attached trade routes chart, research the trade routes that you divided between yourself and your partner(s). Retrieved December 24, 2013. Thus it was that the Arabs "pioneered" or improved an existing long-distance route across the Sahara, an ocean of sand rather than water.